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Start Your Year Off Right The new year has come and gone, and we’re now solidly in 2018! We bet you’ve made quite a few resolutions, and at Westlake Dental Associates, we have, too. One of the most common resolutions from our patients is to improve their overall health, and we think that’s a fantastic

Gum Disease – A Pathway To Heart Disease?

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is a very serious oral health condition. Even mild cases of periodontal disease, such as gingivitis, can cause bad breath, lead to inflamed gums, increase the rate of oral decay, and even cause tooth infection or tooth loss. Not only that, recent research has indicated that periodontal disease may actually increase

Oral Health & Diabetes: Is There A Link?

Diabetes affects millions of Americans each year. Around 29.1 million (9% of the population) is affected by diabetes, making this disease one of the most common in America. And diabetes has a huge effect on the oral health of the population. In fact, quite a few diabetes cases are often diagnosed by dentists – particularly

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