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Electrical or Manual Toothbrush: Which is Better?

Electrical or Manual Toothbrush: Which is Better? This is one of our most frequently asked questions! Our answer? It’s not the brush that matters, it’s who’s doing the brushing. Let’s break that down. The goal of tooth brushing is to remove plaque from your teeth on a consistent (daily!) basis, so that we prevent the


Flossing 101 Of all the things you can do to maintain a healthy mouth, flossing has got to be the least expensive! But many patients don’t take the time to floss. And if you do, you might not be doing it correctly, so welcome to Flossing 101… Why should you floss? Your toothbrush isn’t enough

The Effects of Soda on Your Teeth

  Ever seen those videos where someone puts a baby tooth in a glass of soda and watches it decay? Well, the effect of soda in an actual mouth is a little bit different. You have your saliva to help wash away the sugar, you eat other things throughout the day, and hopefully brush at

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