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Michelle O.


“I couldn’t ask for a better place. They’re always honest about what I need. I get text confirmations for appointments and they offer after 5 visits which are fantastic if I can’t get off work early. The staff are very nice, easy to talk to. I love my dental hygeinist! Nothing but love for this place, well as much as you can have for the dentist!”

Dennis S.


“I really had a great experience with Dr. Lundy. This was the first time I was got a new crown in one sitting. They have the most advanced equipment. The only bummer is I moved to Dallas and I have not found the same quality dentist. I plan to schedule another visit when I’m in CA in a few months. He is that good!”

Dan K.


“The staff is welcoming and you can tell they all love their job and have good chemistry. Dr Wuesthoff helped me understand everything before jumping in and instantly hit it off. Coming from someone who hates the dentist, this practice actually made it enjoyable. And that’s saying a LOT!”

Fabian G.


“By far my best experience. First time that someone takes the time to explain me step by step everything that was going on. I was always asked if I was ok if needed anything, almost like a royal treatment 😉 thnx to Lundy for getting my smile @ 110%.”

John S.


“Bar none the best dentist I’ve even been to. Very nice staff and knowledgable dentistry. Dr. Lundy is a amazing. I highly recommend this practice to everyone!”

Maria K.


“I am very happy to found an outstanding Dentist. Dr. Wuesthoff is amazing, I am very happy with all the Dental work he did, I saved lots of time and money. Very professional, and high quality service. Thank you very much.”

Laura W.


“Consistently high level of service. I can always depend on this office to deliver superior services. They are friendly and professional and I always know what to expect.”

William R.


“I have had a great experience with Doc Lundy at the office here. They were totally supportive in my needs as per my fears.  Thanks for your understanding. I couldn’t be happier”

“We are here for our patients and want to make dentistry easy for you.”

-Dr. Parsaee

“We want to help you make good health decisions.”

-Dr. Lundy