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Get A Dental Cleaning From Westlake Dental Associates!

Start Your Year Off Right

The new year has come and gone, and we’re now solidly in 2018! We bet you’ve made quite a few resolutions, and at Westlake Dental Associates, we have, too. One of the most common resolutions from our patients is to improve their overall health, and we think that’s a fantastic idea.

Often, resolutioners focus on their bodies, and pledge to lose some weight, begin exercising more, or eat better. Of course, that’s a great thing, but your teeth are equally important! In 2018, you should make it your goal to take better care of your mouth.

Whether you decide to make sure you brush more consistently or floss every day, you should make your oral hygiene and preventative dentistry a priority. So don’t wait. Schedule your first dental cleaning of the new year with Westlake Dental Associates today! At our family dental practice, we can help you achieve all of your oral hygiene goals in 2018!


Why Do I Need A Dental Cleaning Every 6 Months?

This is a common question. Many people don’t understand why they need to get their teeth cleaned every 6 months, especially if they have a healthy mouth and no past history of serious oral issues. Here are just a few reasons that you should have your teeth cleaned every 6 months.

First, it allows our dentists in Westlake Village to get a better picture of your overall health. Dr. Thomas Wuesthoff & Dr. Scott Lundy may be some of the best dentists in the region, but unless you come in for a regular checkup, they can’t track your oral health. There’s no way we can help prevent issues like tooth decay or periodontal disease if you don’t schedule regular visits.

Second, dental cleanings are the best form of preventative dentistry in Westlake Village. Our oral hygienists use specialized equipment to remove plaque, tartar, and other bacterial buildup that you simply cannot remove on your own. Without a regular dental cleaning, tartar and plaque can pile up, no matter how impressive your oral hygiene habits are.

Finally, dental cleanings and oral exams allow us to catch potentially life-threatening conditions. Regular oral exams can help Dr. Wuesthoff and Dr. Lundy identify problems such as oral and esophageal cancer, or oral infections that could spread throughout your body, causing inflammation and potentially increasing your risk of heart attack or stroke.

There are many other benefits of regular dental cleanings, too. You’ll have a brighter, more attractive smile, save money by avoiding fillings and crowns due to tooth decay, and eliminate issues such as halitosis (bad breath).


Come To The Best “Dentist Near Me” – Get Dental Care In Westlake Village Now!

If you need a preventative dentist in Westlake Village, Dr. Thomas Wuesthoff & Dr. Scott Lundy are great choices. And at Westlake Dental Associates, we have a large team of oral hygienists and other friendly staff who pledge to make your New Year’s visit fun, fast, and informative!

So, don’t break that resolution to take better care of your body this year. Schedule an appointment with your “dentist near me” today! Call us at (805) 496-4247 now, contact us online, or come to our office at 176 Auburn Ct. Suite 5, Westlake Village, CA 91362.


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