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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

“Our focus isn’t simply to fix dental problems,
it’s about preventing them from happening in the first place.”
-Dr. Wuesthoff

General Dentistry

in Westlake Village

Welcome to Westlake Dental Associates, your family dentist in Westlake Village. We are proud to serve our community with high-quality dental care and exceptional customer service. Our team provides general dentistry to treat patients of all ages with a variety dental needs. We believe prevention is the key to lasting dental health and comfort.


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Benefits Of Modern Technology

Our talented staff and modern treatment methods allow us to assess and treat your dental concerns early and at their source–not their symptoms–so you can enjoy better health on your own terms:

  • Minimally invasive care
  • Less patients need to be referred out
  • More can be done in the same day
  • Enhances diagnostic capabilities and precision
  • Significantly reduces X-ray radiation exposure

It All Starts With Prevention
Educating patients on what they can do at home to keep their smile feeling great is one of the most effective ways to maintain excellent oral health…and save money, too. Clean teeth and gums can stave off gum disease, cavities and reduce risks of tooth loss. We highly recommend maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and coming in for regular cleanings.

Preventive Dentistry

Six Month Checkups
Your toothbrush and flossing routine can significantly improve your current dental health, but only your dentist has the tools to monitor the areas in your mouth you can’t see or reach with simple brushing. A regular six month checkup allows us to not only assess your oral health, but monitor its condition, keeping small issues from becoming bigger ones, and keeping you out of any pain.


Dental Sealants
Dental sealants are one of the most affordable, simple and proactive treatments in preventive dental care. These small but durable plastic coatings are placed just over the surface of the permanent back teeth we rely on to chew and eat to fend off tooth decay.


Tooth-Colored Fillings
Dental fillings are a popular way to protect your smile from cavities and tooth decay. By sealing areas of the teeth, they act as a protective barrier so that bacteria cannot enter the tooth. We use composite resin tooth-colored fillings, giving you a natural, radiant smile!

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Restorative Dentistry

Periodontal Care
If you’ve ever noticed a pink color in the sink after brushing and rinsing, you may want to see your dentist. At Westlake Dental Associates our team is able to provide comprehensive periodontal care for everything from symptoms of gum disease to periodontitis.


Root Canal Therapy
Have you noticed a recent toothache or sensitive tooth? We treat many root canal cases in the office and also have a great endodontic office in our building for those cases we feel need specialty care.


CEREC Same Day Crowns
Say goodbye to cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that require several visits! Our state of the art CEREC technology allows us to design and build custom tooth restoration (such as same day crowns) at our Westlake office without having to send anything off-site to a lab.


Modern Tooth Replacement
Our office is specially equipped to provide patients who have suffered from tooth loss with restorative dental implant and implant supported dentures. If you have lost teeth or are at risk of losing teeth, give us a call! We’ll guide you through your options.


Emergency Dentistry
Did you crack a tooth or experience another unwelcome form of dental trauma? Call us–we accommodate same day emergencies whenever possible!

Healthy, Happy Smiles at Westlake Dental Associates

It is our pleasure to offer a wide range of dental services in a warm and caring environment. From family and preventive dentistry to cosmetic and orthodontic dental care, our goal is keep you informed, relaxed, and feeling confident.

Give us a call at 805-496-4247 and we’ll get you on the road to excellent oral health! You can also stop by our office to meet our team at 176 Auburn Ct Suite 5, Westlake Village, CA 91362.

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“Our Patients are our number one focus.”

-Dr. Wuesthoff

“We want to help you make good health decisions.”

-Dr. Lundy