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Root Canal in Westlake Village

Root Canal

Root Canal in Westlake Village

Most people don’t mind going to the dentist office for a quick teeth cleaning or some other simple dental procedure, but when it comes to a root canal many people are downright terrified. This is because they have a stigma of being painful and one of the more unpleasant dental procedures. But let’s take a step back, explore root canals and get a better idea of the procedure to come.

What’s A Root Canal?

A root canal, or root canal therapy, involves removing dead tissue from inside of your tooth, and filling it with material to protect it. It’s also known as an endodontic treatment and is necessary when the soft or pulpal tissues in the tooth get infected and inflamed. The infection is caused by either deep decay, repeated procedures on the tooth, which lead to tooth weakening, or a severely chipped or cracked tooth. Sometimes fillings just aren’t enough, or the tooth is dead or dying. And that’s when root canals come into play.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

The first thing you should know is that it’s not going to be as painful as you might think. Especially if you have an experienced dentist like Dr. Thomas Wuesthoff or Dr. Scott Lundy from Westlake Dental Associates. In fact, the most painful part of a root canal is usually the needle that they use to administer a powerful numbing agent. Once the tooth is numb, you shouldn’t feel much of anything.

Your dentist will then begin clearing out the infected area and washing it with water. A filler is used to fill the hole, much like filling a cavity. Then a crown is placed over your filling and voila! Your tooth is fixed! Thanks to our CEREC technology, crowns can be made in-office and placed the same day as your root canal for added convenience.

Westlake Dental Associates- The Place to Go for Your Root Canal

visualization of a root canal

While knowing what to expect makes the process a lot less scary, it can still be nice to have a friendly and helpful dentist, like Dr. Lundy or Dr. Wuesthoff. The team at Westlake Dental Associates is always here to help you through the process. We believe in educating our patients, not only on maintaining their overall dental health, but on ways to prevent root canals and other oral issues. Our goal is to get the root of your problem!

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